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Coastal Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery

Coastal Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery
Posted on: 03/08/2024

At Coastal Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, our team of cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery experts is proud of the compassionate and specialized care we provide to our patients and their loved ones. Below are testimonials from our patients.

“Dr. Terrien called my daughter every day and made me feel at ease all the time. The whole team had all their ducks in a row, I would recommend to friends and family. All the doctors and nurses are saints.” – Robert M.

“The surgeons (Dr. Wilson) were great at keeping me aware of my care and very attentive to everything. They spoke with me every morning and answered my questions at that point. It's a good hospital, they take fine care of you. I'm lucky I got there in time. They saved my life.” – Michael G.

“I thought Dr. Terrien was very thorough, he gave me the pros and cons of the procedure. I felt confident and safe with him. I would recommend Dr. Terrien and his hospital, the ICU nurses were all great especially Phil.” – Patricia C.

“Dr. Terrien made rounds every day and treated me well, answered all my questions, he is very kind, Dr. Peeran was excellent as well. I have been here twice. My wife was here once with a heart surgery and all of our stays were good. My experience here was great. Ed and Ally on CSSU were wonderful nurses.” – Marc F.

“Dr. Helm was wonderful. He explained to me my procedure. He was very patient and understanding and treated me with respect. Hannah and Kayla on CSSU were wonderful. Extremely satisfied with the doctors, loved Marc Sullivan and Michael, the Pas.” – Kathleen G.

“Dr. Terrien was fantastic, before during and after my surgery. Everyone has been wonderful from the moment l I came here until the day I went home. Nurses were great. My entire experience was very good.” – Randy E.

“Dr. Terrien sat down with me and talked with me about my procedure. He also suggested I could call him anytime, and he came to see me every morning and he made me feel comfortable like my health was his priority. And, he made me feel involved and displayed confidence in his skills. I am appreciative of my healthcare here and would recommend to my family and friends.” – Judith T.

“Dr. Helm did a good job describing and all were very responsive. I knew several people that had surgery here, and they had a good experience. My experience was good also.” – Jose G.

“Excellent hospital. Care was good and staff was excellent. Food was good. They told me things I never knew I had. They told me the way it is and talked to me in a one-to-one not using technical terms. They spoke to my level.” – William D.

“Dr. Terrien was very professional, gave a lot of time explaining things to me. The nurses have been excellent.” – Edward B.

“My lifestyle and life choices led me down this path, and Dr. Helm saved me. I am alive. I wasn’t three times. Dr. Helm did a fabulous job. ICU nursing staff was excellent. This is the place to go.” – Richard S.

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Coastal Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery
Posted on: 03/08/2024

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