Women's care center in Derry, New Hampshire

At Appledore Medical Group, our dedicated women's care team is committed to providing services and treatments for women's health.

From well woman and breast exams to maternity care and menopause management, our compassionate specialists provide expert care to meet your women's health needs.

Before visiting one of our locations that offers women's care, please view our patient health forms.

Dedicated women's care team

When it comes to your health, you can trust the women's health experts at Appledore Medical Group. With our women's care team, you'll benefit from our years of experience, extensive training and daily practice in the procedures, techniques and treatments related to women's healthcare.

Our dedicated women's care team includes:

  • Gynecologists
  • Obstetricians
  • Dedicated nurses
  • Specialized surgeons
  • Ultrasound technicians

Women's care services

Our women's care specialists provide a variety of services and treatments to address numerous concerns around women's health.

Well women's exams

A well women's exam is a diagnostic tool that helps doctors determine overall health and check for common women's health conditions. During a well women's exam, doctors will conduct the following:

  • Breast health exam—Including a visual breast examination and breast palpitation
  • Pelvic exam—Including internal and external examination of the female reproductive system
  • Pap smear—A screening test for any abnormalities of the vagina

As a general rule, it is recommended women receive a well women's exam each year.

Breast health services

As breast cancer is a common concern among women, our specialists offer a variety of breast screenings and services to ensure breast health. Advanced imaging options, such as mammography and breast ultrasounds, help doctors detect breast cancer early to increase patient outcomes.


Our expert gynecologists offer a variety of services, such as pap smears and routine exams, to diagnose and treat women's health conditions. Our gynecology team is committed to providing comprehensive, high-level care for gynecologic health issues, including menstrual disorders and sexually transmitted diseases.

Menopause management

During menopause, the ovaries stop producing hormones, which leads to a stop in menstruation for women. Menopause can lead to a variety of symptoms that can cause discomfort for women, including hot flashes, trouble sleeping and mood swings. Our women's care team will help you navigate menopause and ensure all of your questions are answered.

Comprehensive maternity care

Our team works to ensure we provide a continuity of care when it comes to pregnancy—this includes prenatal care, labor and delivery and postpartum care. Our goal is that both mother and child have the best possible start on their new journey.

Our office provides access to both OB/GYNs to help guide your pregnancy experience.

Prenatal care

Whether you're having your first child or are adding to a growing family, our team of prenatal care experts are here to support you every step of the way. We offer pregnancy support, routine checkups, childbirth education classes and more, to ensure expectant mothers feel prepared for giving birth.

Labor and delivery

Our OB/GYNs and midwives will work with you to create a plan for labor and delivery that suits your individual needs. We understand this day is incredibly important and want to provide you with as many options as possible.

Postpartum care

We believe that pregnancy care shouldn't stop after labor and delivery. That's why we offer postpartum care services to ensure the well-being of the infant and mother. Our services include regular check-ups, infant care education and additional continued support.