About Women's Health Associates of Derry

Women's Health Associates of Derry offers a range of care services for women of all ages. Our goal is to provide women in Rockingham County and the surrounding communities access to high-quality providers with years of experience and expertise.

For more information about our women's care services at Appledore Women's Health Associates of Derry, call (603) 421-2526.


When should you start breast cancer screenings?

The answer may vary. Use our online assessment to gain insight and determine breast cancer health risk factors.

Advanced women's care services

Our dedicated team — consisting of doctors, nurses, and surgeons — offers comprehensive women's care services in a patient-centered environment. We listen carefully to your concerns and partner with you to achieve and maintain wellness.

Our services include:


Our expert gynecologists offer a variety of services, such as Pap smears, routine exams and problem-focused exams, to diagnose and treat women's health conditions. Our gynecology team is committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality care for both acute and chronic gynecologic health issues, including menstrual disorders and sexually transmitted infections (STI). We offer all methods of pregnancy prevention and will listen to you to help decide which method is right for you.

Maternity care

Our team of prenatal care experts is dedicated to helping women throughout their pregnancy — from prenatal to postpartum care.  We believe in family-centered maternity care. Our patients deliver their babies at an area hospital.

Menopause management

Menopause is a time in which a woman's ovaries stop producing hormones. This eventually causes menstruation to stop, which can lead to a variety of symptoms that can cause discomfort for women — from hot flashes to mood swings. Our team is dedicated to helping women navigate menopause and ensure all of their questions are answered. We offer hormone replacement treatment to appropriate candidates.

Minimally invasive and robotic surgery

Should the need for advanced treatment arise, our specialized team is experienced in performing surgery for conditions related to women's care. When possible, our surgeons use minimally invasive methods, including robot-assisted surgery, to reduce the incision size, scarring and recovery time for patients.

Well woman exams

A well woman exam helps doctors determine overall health and check for common health conditions. During a well woman exam, doctors will conduct the following:

  • Breast health exam — A breast health exam includes a visual breast examination and breast palpation.
  • Pelvic exam — A pelvic exam includes an internal and external examination of the female reproductive organs.
  • Pap smear — A Pap smear is a screening test to determine the presence of any abnormalities of the cervix and vagina. The frequency of a Pap test is based on both standard guidelines and clinical judgement. It might not be done every year.

As a general rule, it is recommended women receive a well woman exam each year.

Visiting our facility

Our office in Derry is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm, with free parking.

For your convenience, you can schedule an appointment online.