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Appledore Medical Group is pleased to bring you online appointment scheduling. With 24/7 availability and real-time confirmations, we give you the most control over when and how you schedule.

Why schedule an appointment with a provider before you're sick?

In two words: preventive care. One of the most important things your Primary Care Provider or Internal Medicine Provider can do is facilitate preventive health screenings such as those for diabetes, various cancers, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other conditions that can develop slowly, but evolve into major problems. These providers can also provide annual vaccinations for diseases such as the flu. There are guidelines on how often preventive screenings are recommended, and they can be found by screening type.

Online scheduling appointment types

In most physician offices, there are many types of appointments. Each appointment "type" carries a time allotment, based on how long it takes to diagnose, treat, and advise the patient. The most important time-based designation from which you will self-select on our site is "Current" or "New" patient.

  • If you are a new patient - Our providers want to get to know you and understand your health background, and for this reason, these appointments require a longer time slot, and there are fewer of them.
  • If you are a current patient – Our providers can consult on the ailment for which you're seeking treatment quickly, the appointment blocks are shorter, and there are more of them as a result. Same-day visits become a more accessible option when you're an established patient of the practice, streamlining yours or your loved ones' care.

Find a provider and make an appointment

Appledore Medical Group offers exceptional primary care and specialty care services at more than 25 convenient locations across southeastern New Hampshire. All are welcoming new patients and referrals.

If you are seeking a same-day appointment, contact the office closest to you. If we can't work you into that schedule, we will do our best to personally refer you to a practice with immediate availability.

If you would like to learn more about our experienced providers and schedule your next visit online, click on a practice link below: